Product Lines

Intek Corporation~South your local manufacturer’s representative covering the Gulf Coast Region including the States of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Southern Alabama for the Manufacturers and products below.


HORIBA's SLFA series of sulfur-in-oil instruments have for years been the overwhelming choice in the petroleum industry. Continuous improvements in performance and usability allow us to offer a range of instruments to suit your requirements. Our XRF sulfur analyzers comply with ASTM D4294 and HORIBA’s TE Xplorer Combustion Analyzers for Total Sulfur (TS), Total Nitrogen and Total Sulfur (TN/TS) or Total Chlorides (TX) – Compact design, smallest footprint for liquids, solids, gases & LPG samples.
Horiba Xplorer TS&TN Combustion Analyzer

(TS/TN analyzer is shown with liquids auto-sampler and operational GLS Gas and LPG sampling system.) Xplorer TS/TN Combustion Analyzer


HORIBA SCIENTIFIC – Particle Size Characterization Analyzers (LA & AR)

HORIBA offers instruments for particle size, particle shape, zeta potential, and surface area analysis. Measurable particle size range is from below 1 nanometer to 30 millimeters, at concentrations ranging from 1 ppm to 50 vol% with shape determination available starting at 1 micrometer. A range of analytical techniques are employed including laser diffraction (Mie Theory), dynamic light scattering, and dynamic and static image analysis. (measuring both particle size and shape information).


SciAps, Inc. manufacturer of LIBS, XRF & RAMAN Handheld Portable Analyzers! (LA, AR, MS & Southern AL)

SciAps LogoZ-200: The Premier Handheld LIBS The Z-200 is the most portable, high performance LIBS analyzer ever created. It’s advanced technology includes on-board argon purge to deliver quantitative results; laser burst surface cleaning to eliminate grinding or surface prep; laser rastering for improved precision. It’s Android-based operating system is as friendly and intuitive as a Smartphone, and it supports numerous analytical Apps for a variety of sample types.

Sciaps-Logo-Final_250PXX500: SciAps XRF Analyzer

The users of X-ray demanded a new generation of X-ray analyzer. First and foremost they want exceptional ergonomics. This meant minimal weight, a small, well-balanced analyzer, exceptional speed to minimize test time and maximize productivity, with a large, vibrant, easily viewed display. Finally, App-driven intuitive operation, like the latest Smartphones

Sciaps-Logo-Final_250PXChem 500 RAMAN Analyzers It’s the product defined by military, law enforcement and first responder users of older-generation Raman analyzers.  Better analytical performance, on board HazmasterG3, “So what does that mean” decision support software, more flexible accessories and sampling – all at nearly half the price of their existing Raman analyzers. Large, Vibrant 5.5″ color touch screen display Powered by Surefire 123A or Li-ion batteries. WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS on-board (can be hardware disabled) IR Status indicator for night and clandestine operations. Meets IP67 & Mil Spec 810g Standards