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Intek Corporation~South your local manufacturer’s representative covering the Gulf Coast Region including the States of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Southern Alabama for the Manufacturers and products below.

SciAps, Inc. manufacturer of LIBS, XRF & RAMAN Handheld Portable Analyzers! (LA, AR, MS & Southern AL)

SciAps LogoZ-200 C+ LIBS Analyzers - Handheld Carbon Analyzers

The world’s only handheld analyzer that delivers carbon content in stainless, steels and cast irons…yes even L-grades. The Z-200 C+ is a dedicated analyzer for alloy analysis including carbon content. It analyzes carbon content in stainless, down to 0.007 ppm, for dependable separation of L and H grades. The C+ also analyzes carbon steels, including carbon equivalents (CE) for weldability. The analyzer is available in two versions. The Z-200 C comes with iron-base calibrations including carbon. The Z-200 C+ includes both iron and stainless bases and carbon. Additional bases may be added at time of purchase or any later date. Following in the tradition of our defy obsolescence principle, any Z-200 or Z-200 C may be upgraded to the Z-200 C+ at any time for the price difference.

Sciaps-Logo-Final_250PXX500: SciAps XRF Analyzer

The world’s lightest, smallest, fastest, high precision family of XRF analyzers. Speed, precision, beautifully packaged.

The X’s weigh barely 3 lbs, are lightning fast, and can be used all day long without fatigue. They’re built on the Android platform for global connectivity. Manage your data and fleet anywhere, print or email results seamlessly. And Visibility? The X features the latest 5″ Smartphone display for easy viewing in all lighting conditions. Integrated camera/video for sample viewing with all models.

Lowest service costs in the industry

Sciaps-Logo-Final_250PXChem 500 RAMAN Analyzers

It’s the product defined by military, law enforcement and first responder users of older-generation Raman analyzers. Better analytical performance, on board HazmasterG3 “so what does that mean” decision support software, more flexible accessories and sampling – all at nearly half the price of their existing Raman analyzers. Large, Vibrant 5.5″ color touch screen display Powered by Surefire 123A or Li-ion batteries. WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS on-board (can be hardware disabled) IR Status indicator for night and clandestine operations Meets IP67 & Mil Spec 810g Standards